Monday, March 30, 2009

Back from Las Vegas...In need of my own stimulus package!

Just got back from Las Vegas after a week of "Vacation" there....whew. If the economy is hurting in the USA, then you would not tell from the crowds I encountered. Most of the Casino's were packed, the restaurants full and the shows had decent crowds. Not sure where all the cash is coming from, but it looked pretty busy to me. I sure helped my friends to the south by leaving th em with a hefty chunk of change, but that's how it goes!

I caught some interesting stories when I was there...

  • MGM Grand is a partnering with Dubai World to develop a massive property in the heart of the strip called City Centre. The project is to be completed later this year, at a cost of nearly $9Billion USD. The project is being called the largest private construction in the world. Bad News though.... looks like the cost overruns and credit crisis will threaten this project, and force MGM into potential bankruptcy. This will have an negative impact on all of Las Vegas... See the story here.
  • Another laugh.... Legislators in Nevada are considering adding a $5 prostitution tax.... Pretty creative!
  • Nevada recently added an $8tax to the cost of a carton of Cigarettes, and they are looking at adding another $10/carton right away. So much for cheap smokes in the USA! ( This works out to nearly $7USD per 20 Cigarettes...pretty close to Alberta prices.

Its always nice to get away....but as always, I am glad to be home!

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