Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Threat Assessment" against Jason Kenney...what is our country coming to?

Earlier this week, I wrote in support about Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's stance on removing taxpayer funding to the Canadian Arab Federation. I was sad to see that the CAF continues to diminish themselves as the saga continues. It has now been reported that the RCMP has made a "threat assessment" against Mr. Kenney and determined that he requires full time security.

Is this what our country has come to? It is a sad day for Canada when a federal cabinet minister requires RCMP protection for standing up against racism and anti-semitism. Knowing the character and will of Mr. Kenney, these threats will not force him to back down. As Canadians, we all have to stand up against these types of threats to ensure that rouge/radical groups cannot spread their hatred in our country. Especially not with our tax dollars.

Not one red cent.

Canadians should speak up and challenge the CAF president, Khaled Moumammar to show true leadership and offer an apology to all Canadians and to resign his position to allow the CAF to appoint someone more professional and moderate.

I find it baffling that the CAF would allow this kind of hate mongering to continue, given their struggles with racism/hatred in the past.

Here is Mr.Kenney's interview. Excellent Work.


  1. Shane, seriously. I know this is your blog, but don't you feel any responsibility to try, even just in a "faux" fashion, to present both sides of the story?
    Where are these so-called anti-semitic remarks that CAF president Khaled Moumammar said. Just because your against the foreign policy of a state, this doesn't mean your against the entire population. With this faulty logic, I suppose all the millions of people around the world (Canadians included) who were opposed to the Imperialist foreign policy iniatives of the Bush administration, are anti-Christian, or hate all Americans?
    This is classic strategy from the right-wing playbook, which is "tar and feather" your oppostion with baseless attacks, and hope something sticks.
    It's not the responsiblity of the CAF to play lap-dog to the foreign policy of the Canadian government.
    Khaled Moumammar, was elected democratically to advance the interests of Arab-Canadians, and not only has the right, but the responsibility to critique the foreign policy mis-steps of this government, and any other that may be in power. For Jason Kenny to threaten his critics with the cutting off funding for social programs that help in the intergration of new immigrants and refugees into Canadian society for publicly opposing elements of its foreign policy is petty at best, and at worst is anti-democratic and stinks of hypocracy.
    For an elected member of Parliment to pressure an elected president of a ethnic organization to resign simply because he doesn't like what he says, sends a chill to all non-government organizations (NGO's)that recieve any kind of funding from the federal government. Suggesting, if you want to recieve funding, shut-up and tow the company line.
    Apparently, for the Harper Conservatives, democartic elections only count when the guy you support gets elected. How sad.

  2. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I and many others have been warning about for years, if not decades: you let too many of them into the country, and then once here you don't force them to integrate, etc., and this is what you create: hostile enclaves right in our midst, ready to blow sky-high at any moment ...

    Let's not forget that journalist Stewart Bell required police protection after the told the truth about the Tamil Tiger terrorists in this country.

    This is becoming a recurring theme. Thank you, Multiculturalism.

  3. Spanishfly76... Hey...I make no representation that I am a journalist, lol ( so I do not see the need to sugarcoat "both sides"... ) If you read what I am saying my friend, I am not against the tax money being used to help new Canadians at all...I just cannot support funding a group that promotes hate. Dont deny the intent of the CAF's words...this is not a one off comment. You can disagree with foriegn policy withour using anti-semitism. I fail to see your argument...its irrational at best.

  4. WP... I appreciate your post, but think you are walking a "fine line" here. Personally, I support immigration and dont think you can single ANY group out. I disagree with your comment "you let too many of them into the country...". You cannot apply blanket statements to any group in this country, in my opinion. We can agree to disagree on this one!

  5. Shane, I don't limit my comments to any one specific group. My beef has always been that we have allowed too many people in here (including from Europe, for example) who simply refuse to play by our rules (when in Rome....). They never bother to learn English or integrate. Many of them commit some of the most vicious crimes, while others simply abuse us as an international welfare agency (77% of all immigrants in Canada are not "net tax contributors" and cost us, the taxpayers, $18 billion (!!!).

    Worse still when they start calling ministers names or threaten them.

  6. WP...Fair enough. Thnaks for your comment and clarification. A lot can get lost in translation on emails/posts...thus the "fine line".