Monday, April 27, 2009

Addressing the need for Recreation facilities in South East Calgary

Hi Everyone! I am on my "soapbox" today! My wife is quickly becoming a "committee widow" do to my ever increasing volunteer commitments and I need your help….

Most Calgarians are aware that there is a lack of Recreation facilities in the City. In order to address this need, the City has commissioned a “recreation gap analysis” which confirms that there is a serious need for a full scale recreation facility in South East Calgary.

As a resident of the area, I have joined the Seton Recreation Center committee as a volunteer as I believe it will have a huge impact on improving our city! The city has committed $70 Million to fund the construction of a new facility and our federal government is looking to add a further $25 Million in funding for this important project. To date, there has been no decision on the specific location that this facility will be built. There are a few proposals out there, but I believe that the Seton location makes the most logistical and economic sense.

Seton Centre Community Vision

The Seton Committee’s goal is to work in partnership with the City of Calgary to design and construct a major wellness and recreation facility on land designated in the Seton area next to the new South Calgary Hospital, within the next 4 years. Support for this Comprehensive South East Recreational Facility will ensure a coordinated, sustainable solution to meeting the recreation and wellness needs of South East Calgary residents for today and for the next generation.

What Can You Do To HELP? We need to confirm to the City (and the powers that be) that this is the best option for SE Calgary. Time is always of the essence in these matters, so we have set up an on-line petition to show that this idea has the support of Calgarians. Check out the Website at & follow the link to the Support Petition. ( Note: this will take you 45 seconds max to complete!)

Please send this to anyone you think may benefit by having a recreation centre in Calgary SE. ( I have also created a facebook group with additional information.) This facility will benefit ALL Calgarians and will ensure that the recreation needs of our growing city continue to be met.

The issue is not IF a facility will be built...but WHEN and WHERE... Have your say!


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