Friday, April 24, 2009

Alberta Liberal Party...Stay out my Inbox!

In an unwelcomed surprise, I was curious to understand why my email inbox was undaunted with emails from the " Alberta Liberal Caucus" this week? These spam email's are simply press releases issued by the ALP and sent out en-masse.
I never signed up to be on the ALP mailing list and never will. I note from a comment posted on the Enlightened Savages blog yesterday that it appears I am not alone in receiving these unsolicited emails.
I have sent a response email to this group asking them what qualified them to add my name and email to their mailing list, but have not received a response yet. The email used is only available on my blog, so I suspect that they are "trolling" the blogs looking for emails addresses to use. This lack of creativity just confirms the problems with the ALP in our province...when you have no supporters and no one is listening, they just figure its a good idea to SPAM random people with their message.
If anyone is interested, here is the email address they used....
To be fair, I think I will forward them all of the spam emails I get going forward. Especially the ones for "Male Enhancement", Viagra and the Nigerian Chain Letters. ( Perhaps the latter will actually help them, as it may give them some fundraising ideas!)
Let's see how they enjoy that!


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  2. How dare the Liberals treat Blogs as serious outlets of news.

  3. The Official Opposition is reaching out to alternative medias and they obviously consider you an influential enough blogger to send emails to. I would take it as a compliment rather than an insult (also, they are not the only ones who do this, all four main federal political parties flood my inbox with uninvited media releases on a daily basis).

  4. Hi Dave, thanks for your post. I understand why they would do this...I am mostly being sarcastic here.

  5. I get releases from political parties all over the world, since tons of people read my columns and posts around the world, primarily in Canada, the US and Britain. I get regular updates from all of our main parties, both provincial and federal, the two US parties, as well as the British Conservatives (oddly enough, nothing from Labour in a long while ...).

    I agree with Tiny that those emails provide excellent material for posts.