Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perhaps the $1.30 Jump in Beer Tax will get people to vote!

Wow... Budget day today...shocking stuff! $4.7Billion Deficit..... Enough said...
I like the $1.30 tax increase on a case of Beer... if this doesn't get the masses pissed off, nothing will! Perhaps this will be a lightning rod to the average voter, lol. ( I guess the 60% or so who didn't vote maybe have their issue now?)
OOPS... I forgot to mention the $3/carton increase on tobacco and $2.85 on a bottle of liqour.


  1. Whatever are they going to do when people finally stop drinking and smoking in vast numbers? I wonder what they will hike the taxes up on instead? I'm definitely getting old because I nearly pass out when I go to buy a 6pack and it's over $10 lol. Not that I think over-indulgence in booze and ciggy's is a good plan for my health, but when we are all finally forced to stop, billions of tax funding is going to disappear in an instant... where will it come from next? Bread? Milk? Eggs? Who knows.

  2. Sadly, I think, you're giving way people way too much credit.