Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey Don Martin....Here is a 'Wild" Theory....Maybe Harper is just a good leader?

Over the past few weeks, it seems to be Don Martin's mission to create a buzz about our Prime Ministers future. He has written a few articles speculating about Harper's intentions as the CPC leader heading into the next and/or future elections. He has written spec pieces on who will succeed Stephen Harper as leader, including a nice piece on Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

In Today's article, Martin writes a wild piece of fiction, basing the piece on his "wild" theory on the reasoning behind Mr. Harper's recent media blitz. In Martin's mind, he figures that the PM is "sending out feelers" for future employment opportunities... wow! I know that most of the world figures Canada to be an "also ran" kind of country, due to our small population and limited economic influence, but why does Don Martin have to speculate on such nonsense? Perhaps our Prime Minister is using this foreign airtime to PROMOTE CANADA? I am confident that if a Liberal PM ( Paul Martin/Chretien etc.) were doing the same thing, the media would be oozing over them and complementing them for their wonderful leadership on the World Stage. Its unfortunate that the same enthusiasm is not shown when a Conservative PM is actually doing a better job than his predecessors.

To speculate that Mr. Harper does not really have any prospects for employment in Canada once he retires from Politics is foolish. Stating that he "only has a degree in Economics" is absurd also.

While Mr. Martin used to be a credible source of information, I think he is just reaching and reaching further into speculation. I think he might want to worry about his own employment prospects, given the shaky financial ground of his employers, and worry less about the prospects of our Prime Minister.

Slow news day Don?

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