Monday, April 20, 2009

Alberta "Opposition" Parties Comedy Continues...

The state of the "opposition" parties in Alberta continues to diminish by the day. If it were not so funny, it would be quite sad. Let's take a quick look at the "would be" alternate parties in our province...

1) Alberta Liberal Party.... 1) Broke.... 2) Fractured.... enough said.

2) Alberta Green Party... Kevin Libin from the National Post had an excellent piece on this today. This party is in shambles.

3) Alberta NDP: 2 Seats....Lots of Noise...Outdated Views...Edmonton centered support= NO HOPE.

4) Wildrose Alliance Party: Lots of Cash.... No Quality Candidates.... Confusing, Populist Platform... and now, leadership questions!

On Friday, WAP executive director and fellow blogger Jane Morgan showed her solidarity to her party and her leader by claiming "some members may be seeking a more charismatic leader" during the party's AGM in June. Even party leader Paul Hinman brushed off the comments by stating, " Well, I guess you never has as much charisma as you'd like...We've been trying to track someone down since the party started, from Preston Manning to Deb Grey, to numerous other ones."

Now that is leadership! What is Jane Morgan saying here? Well, we need someone more interesting that doesn't just appeal to the "Rural/Small Town" Vote. How does Hinman respond? By agreeing that he thinks someone is better out there...but no one wants the job, so he will just stay on in the meantime? Where do I join this party? Where do I send my cheque?

Interesting how everyone wants to be Premier in this province, but none of the opposition party's leaders can create and manage a party that can fundraise, pay staff, create a platform that the people want want and get solidarity from their members.

It is not "voter apathy" that has kept the Alberta PC party in power as much as it is the incompetence of the opposition leadership. ALP, NDP, WAP, Greens...(or those party's that are still around) good luck with the next election.

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