Friday, July 31, 2009

Calgary Southeast Conservative EDA Garden Tour Fundraiser

I have attached an invitation below for any of you with a "green thumb" or an interest in gardening. This event will take place on Sunday, Aug 2/2009 in South Calgary at various homes. I will be volunteering at one of the sites, so if you attend, be sure to say hello!

Have a great long weekend!


The invitation can be found here...


  1. Pardon me, Shane, but where is the rant on this blog? When I visit a site called, I expect to read about some rantin'. Visit for some genuine rants.

  2. Approved comments? It's no wonder your blog has no comments. Geeze.

  3. Hey Anon..thanks for posting. I only screen the posts to make sure that nothing is posted that could get me in any legal hot water, especially when people uses avatars and anons, etc. That said, I have yet to refuse a comment. Good blog link.