Monday, July 13, 2009

IF I was a Wildrose Alliance supporter...who would I vote for?

No that Stampede is over and the early morning functions have ceased, I finally have a moment to post something before I head off to work!

I had the opportunity to meet both of the WRAP leadership candidates at two different Stampede events last week, and thought I would put a quick post together about my thoughts on each of them.

Mark Dyrholm:

I met Mr.Dyrholm briefly at the Calgary SW/Prime Minister Stephen Harper annual BBQ at Heritage Park. He was flanked by his campaign manager ( handler?) Craig Chandler and never seemed to waver more than 3 feet from him. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch this pair working the room and reminded me of the old movie "Twins" with Arnold and Danny Devito.

Now, I did not get a chance to have a lengthy discussion with Mark, because I had not yet eaten and did not think I could stomach it. My first impressions are usually right and I just could not picture this gentleman as the Premier of Alberta. While I am sure he is an honest, hardworking individual, in my opinion "he is just not for me....".

Danielle Smith:

While I saw Ms. Smith at the Heritage Park event, I did not get the chance to meet her that night. I did get to meet her shorty thereafter at a Private Stampede BBQ and had the opportunity to chat briefly. I found Ms. Smith charming and she did not have the stereotypical "fakeness" that some politicians carry. I was honest with her that I do not support her party ( I am a PC supporter) and gave her my thoughts on what this average Albertan was feeling about the current issues. She was respectful in her responses and I found her very intelligent and articulate.

Now, IF I were a WRAP supporter, It is clear who I would support here. Personally, (and from quick straw polls at some events over this past week) I think that Ms. Smith will win the leadership race handily with some more hard work. I know that Mr.Dyrholm's team is quite organized and It would not surprise me if Mr.Chandler already has already booked the charter buses to transport the voters to Edmonton in October, so he is definitely a contender.

The winner of this race determines the fate of the WRAP's future. Extreme/Fringe?... or Moderate/Contender?

Again, who cares what this PC supporter thinks right? These are just my thoughts.


  1. You already made it clear that you were a Danielle Smith supporter in previous postings.

    I was with Mark at all times because I was introducing him to people. I knew almost everyone in attendance as I have been very active in the federal Tories and all it's predecessors since 1989.

    Even you came running up to me saying "Mr. Chandler" which proves my point.

    I agree we need a contender and do not need to embrace the fringe elements and that is why a choice for Mark Dyrholm is the wise one. We need a traditional conservative.

    I do find it disappointing that individuals with an agenda (Tories scared of extinction) such as yourself can't debate on merit and principle, but need to resort to the rusty artillery of abuse and name calling. Mulroney tried it with the Reformers, Chretien and Martin with the Alliance and Ignatieff with the federal Tories. The public is not stupid and will no longer listen to fear mongering.

    However, I do notice that Tories like you are promoting Danielle and that makes it obvious the real threat is Mark Dyrholm.

    Also, as usual your information is wrong as I am not the Campaign Manager, but, the truth has never been a concern of yours in previous postings so why start now.

    Craig B. Chandler
    Strategy / Coalition Outreach Chair

    PS I find it quite funny that you have issues with our machine, yet, sit on the board for Calgary Hays with MLA Art Johnston who over the years has been a strong supporter of PGIB and who hired PGIB to run his nomination campaign. All we ever try to do is get good people elected and let them do their job and we have great success in this department.

  2. Thanks for your post Craig. A couple of points based on your comment:

    1) I never stated in previous posts that I supported either of your parties candidates. I am sorry if I dont drink your "kool-aid" and dont cheer for your candidate, but your impression is incorrect.

    2) I never "ran" up to you at the BBQ. I came over to you to discuss our previous disagreement regarding this blog and your Candidate. I never gave the respect of "Mr." fact I just said "Craig"..if we are being factual.

    3) I apologize over the "campaign manager" title. I stand corrected, but given your swagger and bragging about all the campaigns you have run, I just assumed. Again, I apologize for my error.

    4) This is the second time that you have called me a liar. The 1st time, I forgave you...

    5) Craig, your past reputation may not reflect your current one. I have asked around about you, as you have become an "enigma" on the local scene, but I have yet to find anyone ( from any party) who has anything positive to say. I am sure they are out there, but I just have not come across them yet. I will keep looking though.

    I do wish you and your team good luck throughout the rest of your campaign. To be honest, a Dyrholm win is the best possible scenario for this PC supporter. Take Care,


  3. Shane,

    In the past you posted false info and I forgave you the first time and I will do so again.

    You did actually come up to me and used the word "Mr", but either way you have proven my point that you did recognize me. Tories do not remember promises to industry so it is understandable that you might forget.

    As for your 5th point? Say what you will, I know different. This just makes it clear who you hang around.

    I appreciate the fact that you think a Dyrholm win is a good scenario for your party. This is the same party that did not think I would win my nomination as well. This is the same party that has torn up contracts, that refuses to remove Section 3 etc... I could go on, but, you would never get the point.

    Say hi to Art for me, he is indeed a good MLA.

  4. Art is an Excellent MLA. At least I agree with you on at least one point.

    Best of luck you...


  5. What an insighful article. A self-described ardent PC Party voter recommends that Wildrose Alliance members vote for Danielle Smith. Wouldn't it make as much sense for a Wildrose Alliance member to listen to you, as it would for a Republican in the United States to listen to a Democrat voter like Colin Powell? Just pointing out the obvious here.

  6. Since we are interested in correcting inaccuracies, what torn-up contracts would you be referring to, Mr. Chandler?

    If you are talking oil & gas (presumably) changing royalty terms on conventional oil & gas was no tearing up of contracts. Leases allow a company to drill, with payments reflecting crown royalties in effect at the time of production. Royalties have been changed many times in the past, and no doubt will be changed at some point in the future (upward or downward).

    If you are going to throw in some aside about oil sands, terms there were revised by mutual agreement to reflect specific crown agreements signed by Suncor and Syncrude in years past. There were puts and takes for both sides, as with any negotiation.

    You can profess an opinion on the facts, but not re-create the facts to support your opinion.

    With that out of the way, I would actually hope Dyrholm wins - in contrast to the other challenger, he has made his positions fairly clear, and has not hidden behind the "libertarian" veil.

  7. Hi Graham, thanks for posting. I am not actually recommending that WRAP members vote for Ms.Smith. I am simply stating my opinion on what I would do IF I were a supporter. Like most of my posts on here, I would not expect anyone to take this PC supporter too seriously anyways! :)


  8. Shane,

    Too bad the blog is getting overrun with those seeking party leadership. I would like to see what in general people think of each. I do support the WRAP as I never believed in a Stelmach government and refuse to now. If a true leader such as Ted Morton had won the nomination for the PC party, I do not think they would be in this mess. However this is not the case.

    As for Graham if I am not mistaken you are Dyrholm's northern chair so your thoughts on the race mean as much to me as Craigs. I think you and Craig should leave the blog sites for the general public. If Shane can recieve time from the candidates to make an opinion, I think we will be able to approach them as well, without your pages of blog campaign.
    By the way nice post Shane.

  9. Thanks Alt.. As I stated before, you can usually have any opinion about these candidates as long as it jives with Chandlers Team. If not..look out. To each their own I guess.

  10. As usual, Craig is all about Craig. If you don't support his candidate, you must have something against Craig. Grow up, Craig. You actually can run a campaign, no one doubts that, but do you really think it is helpful for you to be on blog comment boards proving what an ass you are? Work for your candidate, and shut up. No one wants to hear what you think, but some people actually want to hear what Mark thinks.

  11. I think this gives the blog more exposure and well-deserved attention it needs. Maybe you are a threat to their campaign? That's how powerful you are Shane.

    Was it Mark that had responded personally last time to your blog post about all the recruits being made online?

  12. Hi Jer...this blog is no threat to anybody...hopefully the 4 regular readers of this blog got a good chuckle today! Thanks for posting!

  13. Craig Chandler is such a dope. He never - NEVER - knows when to shut up, from the moment he says "Happy Capitalism!" into his cell phone and starts flapping those big duck lips, it's too damn late for whatever or whoever he's trying to promote. Face it, Trash-Can Dani's got some traction, and she's going to steamroll right over Craig's little gunsel.