Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stampede 2009.. Harper and Ignatieff set for a "shootout"?

I just love it when the eastern based politicians head to Calgary every July and search for various photo-ops for their papers back home. Seeing the often unattractive and comically dressed politicians reminds me of Stampede's of my youth, when Mom used to shove me into some ridiculous Cowboy outfit before we headed to the grounds. ( Sheriff Badge/Whistle included!)
While I am sure that the Stampede loves the publicity that they get from these foreign dignitaries, I just laugh and laugh at the posturing that goes on every year. They often look so out of place that I am embarrassed for them. ( See Ignatieff above) You may as well through some loose fitting clothes on their back, give them a skateboard and send them to the half-pipe for some sweet photo-ops with the youngsters. It makes as much sense to me.
Ignatieff was ranting last night that the Liberals were able to pull 600 supporters to their annual BBQ at the Calgary Zoo last night. Well, at $40 a ticket I bet that the Liberal party needed some donations to cover the catering/rental bill. Excellent fundraising Iggy...keep it up.
On the other hand, I was fortunate enough to attend the Calgary SW/PM Stephen Harper BBQ at Heritage Park last night and I can confirm that this was an excellent event. There had to be 800-900 people there as it looked completely sold out. At $135 a ticket, a quick math scan would reveal that this was a financial success also. Also, the PM was kind enough to spend almost 2 hours shaking hands and taking pictures and looked entirely comfortable do so. I cannot imaging Count Iggy feeling the same way with the "commoner" Calgarians!
Both leaders took shots at each others party's in their speeches last night, and spoke loudly of the "pending" fall election. I find it pretty brave of Iggy to be calling the PM out in his own City, especially since he continues to "cower" in Ottawa. Perhaps he is considering changing the Liberal "RED" to a more appropriate Iggy "Yellow"? Sounds like "fighting" words to me gentlemen.
I can't wait for the "shoot out" this fall. Perhaps then Iggy will finally mount his Iron Horse and head on back to Harvard to retire in his intellectual glory. ( Just think, you will never have to play dress up again!) YEE-HAW!

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