Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Really..This Racist crap is still happening in Canada?

I was sickened beyond belief last night when I heard about this racist attack in Courtney, BC this week. I was even more shocked when I watched the video. This kind of bullsh*t makes me furious and I just cannot believe that it is still going on in Canada today.

This kind of nonsense really hits me on a personal level, as I have a brother and sister that are half black and my best friend of 25 years is of Haitian decent. Growing up in "redneck" Calgary, I rarely saw this kind of behaviour as kids, but it became more visible after we all became adults. I cannot imagine having to go through life facing these racist slurs and hate.

I know that there will always be clowns like these three hillbillies in our society, but I think that once you turn violent, you should be locked up for a long time. This kind of hate is just not acceptable anymore, so I have no problem removing these cancerous people out of my society.

I laughed when "Hitler's crew" saw that the gentleman could actually defend himself! They kind of surrounded him like a pack of scared hyena's waiting for the most cowardly moment to attack. Hopefully these gentlemen will be convicted and sent to prison for a long time. Maybe than they will learn to clean up their act, one dropped soap in the shower at a time. Good Riddance.


  1. I was just wondering what you thought not about violent racism, but perhaps oversensitivity towards certain actions that do not imply racism but somehow turn out to be racist. I'm trying to find the answer myself.

  2. That was very disturbing. Have these losers been found and charged?

  3. David Samual White, 19
    Adam David Huber, 24
    Robert William Rodgers, 25

    All of Coutenay, BC - three bits of shit. Perfect examples of ignorance and hatred. I wonder how their families feel about them now?

    One of them has a sife and child, and he fears for their safety now, and rightfully so. They are in serious danger having him around!

  4. Just wondering if Justice was served "HOT" or "Cold", anyone know ?