Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New York, New York..

I am off to NYC with my wife for vacation, so no posts (likely) for 10 days! Too bad really, as I had some great rants brewing. Oh well...

Something to ponder today... ( from the City of Calgary website)

Calgary's footprint has recently been compared to that of New York City's, yet there are eight times more people living in New York. This comparison is meant to illustrate that Calgary is growing uncontrollably; however, the simple equation of dividing population by land area is simply incorrect when you consider Calgary's varied land use.

For instance:

New York City: 8.2 million people / 830 sq. kms = 9,879 ppl per sq. km
Calgary: 1 million people / 745 sq. kms = 1,342 ppl per sq. km
By this logic, New York City is 7.4 times denser than Calgary.

Amazing... I guess this is what the "Plan-It" people use as a guide to curb urban sprawl?

Take Care...


  1. I agree. Calgary is too big! I mean don't we all think that when we go out to visit friends? It takes us 40 minutes to drive to their house for a nice summer BBQ and we can't even enojoy it all that much because we know that we can't drink and there is a 40 minute drive waiting for us afterwards. Plus in the summer you also need to consider the construction traffic...

    Enjoy NYC.

  2. I don't really see how this answers the charge that Calgary isn't sprawling. Density is environmentally friendly, not just because it reduces commutes (and therefore emissions) but because it saves land.