Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alberta Municipal Auditor General Position Welcomed

I was pleased to read this morning that my MLA, Art Johnston ( Calgary Hays-PC) is introducing a private members bill that would look at creating an Alberta Municipal Auditor General position. While I am sure that our fine mayor, Dave Bronconnier will not like to be held accountable to anyone but himself, I think this position has some great potential.

The City of Calgary spends hundreds of millions of Tax Payers dollars and I think that this position will ensure that all citizens are receiving value for their money. The Municipal Auditor General will keep an eye on spending and ensure that tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. I also see that Calgary Alderman Ric Mciver is in favour of this proposal, and is also calling for the City to make its own auditor independent.

Nova Scotia recently introduced legislation that creates an independent auditor general to oversee municipal spending in smaller municipalities and requires Halifax to establish its own separate auditor general office. This example illustrates that other provinces are increasing independent oversight of municipal spending and I think that they are a step in the right direction.

I will be watching to see how the bill progresses and what it entails completely. I am sure there will be some heated opposition to this bill as the rural/smaller centre MLA's will not like this idea.

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