Friday, February 27, 2009

Tory Crime Bill will not get "shot" down.

Bad news yesterday for Canadian gangsters and thugs! The Conservative government tabled a new bill that will toughen punishment for gang related crimes. Not surprisingly, the Liberals and NDP party is expected to allow the bill to pass. ( Can you imagine anyone "shooting" this bill down?) As I have talked about on here in previous posts, I am frustrated at how these gangs are able to run free on our streets.

Some pundits and opposition party members feel that the bill does not go far enough. In some respects, I agree....but we have to start somewhere. It is always easy to do NOTHING. I am sure that the Conservatives have more legislation coming, but to package it all under one bill would make it extremely difficult to pass.

While the current crop of gang members may not be deterred by the prospect of stiffer jail sentences, any future/potential members may think twice about choosing this lifestyle. Once/if the police are able to round up and convict enough high ranking members, maybe the message to the next generation will be heard. Until there are some real arrests and convictions, these clowns will continue to run around like they have immunity on our streets.

Here are my thoughts on some other measures:

  • Tighten/Restrict Bail and release conditions for gang members.
  • Enhance legislation that allows police and the courts to seize property/assets gained from the proceeds of crime.
  • Develop programs that educate and deter young people from joining gangs. A tough sell, but the Calgary Police Service has an interesting program called " Get a Life".
  • Why not introduce a Made-In-Canada version of the US RICO laws? This will help in convicting higher level members who tend to keep a low profile and let their members do their dirty work.

I am no expert, but feel that Canadians need to speak up and get tougher on organized crime before these organizations grow and get out of control. I am tired of hearing about shootings in every major city in this country and applaud the Conservatives for taking this first step.

Any other ideas? Have a safe for stray bullets in the meantime!

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