Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Don Martin looking to resign from the National Post and move to the Calgary Sun?

Yes Don.... "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."....

In Today's National Post/Calgary Herald, Don Martin wrote a wonderful gossip piece titled " Signs could point to PM leaving before next vote." While I usually find Mr. Martin's articles well researched and factually correct, I think he is straying from his journalistic style a wee bit on this on. One of his apparent advantages over his rival journalists is his constant ability yo tap "inside" sources, who seem to keep him in the loop ahead of the competition. However, today's article is lacking any comment from these sources and is strictly a rag/gossip piece which is better suited for the Sun Media chain of papers.

In this article, Martin speculates that " If he sees serious doubt in being safely re-elected with a reeling economy stacked so dauntingly against the party, he might well quit early that fight the losing battle." He also mentions that if the PM has an early exit plan, "its doubtful that he's told anyone, including wife Laureen." Again, speculation. I see no mention that Don Martin even SPOKE to her about this, so its inappropriate for him to even comment on it.

Speaking of speculation.. since his employer, Canwest Global, is having some massive financial problems, perhaps Don Martin is looking to audition himself as a columnist with Sun Media? Looks like today's article is a great job interview....

Just speculation....but like Don Martin, I have no sources to confirm this!


  1. Let's not forget that he is also the target of a defamation lawsuit by a former Alberta Tory candidate.

    Ever since he moved Ottawa, Don's writing style and talent has deteriorated. I hardly ever read his stuff anymore, because his scribble is horrible and lacks any wit whatsoever. Only Don himself would chuckle at the "smart puns" he inserts into his columns.

    He lacks creativity and objectivity.

  2. Don Martin,since he went to Ottawa, has become nothing but another mouth piece. He also does not look too fit these days- perhaps too much wine and rich food.