Friday, February 6, 2009

Excellent Work by MP Jason Kenney

I came across two excellent articles this week that highlight some of the excellent work done by my MP, The Hon. Jason Kenney. ( Cons- Calgary South East) Take a look at these examples of our Immigration Ministers commitment to Canada and helping those in need.

Excellent Work!

1)Afghan Woman Given Refuge in Canada

2) After six years, diplomatic lifeline allows Chinese dissident to reunite with family

I know that the liberals out there will try to spin this, but you cannot dispute the facts here.


  1. Sorry, but MP Jason Kenney strikes me as just another gay-bashing bigot... seems the Conservative Party of Canada is loaded with them. If he kept his promises to the gay community I might think otherwise. As yet, no luck.

  2. To be right does not make anyone a bigot we have too many commentators who do not remember the devastation that P. E. Trudeau brought unto this country. We are still carrying the economic woes he bestowed upon us as well as the multi-cultural, bilingualism etc that have never worked will never work. I am glad J. kee-nney is at least taking some minute steps to rectify this.
    It is really strange how no people wearing a face covering while driving are not charged with having impaired vision!
    If we let the left wing set economic policy in this country we would all be destitute! So if you don't like this country go back