Friday, February 13, 2009

Bush Coming to Calgary...Can't Wait to count the UMMMS and AHHHS

As reported in the Calgary Herald today, former US President George W. Bush has chosen Calgary for the location of his first speaking arrangement since leaving office. The organizers for the March event figure 1500! people will attend this. I am not sure who would spend ( likely $500+) money to hear this man speak? I mean, he is definitely lacking any charisma and oratory skills.

For laughs, I wonder if someone will count how many Ummms and Ahhhs...he will utter during this speech. What will he have to talk about? How he is lost now that nobody is telling him what to wear, what to say and where to be all day long?

In a good laugh, Premier Stelmach responded to the news of Bush's visit by saying, " He is a free man, he can travel to any country he wants.". OUCH... Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Perhaps Alberta is trying to distance itself from Mr.Bush in an effort to get friendlier with the Obama administration....( Think Green....think Oilsands...!)

I would go if the ticket was free, but then again, I also like watching reality TV...sometimes you can't stop watching people make fools of themselves!

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