Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fun: Final Weekend in Calgary Glenmore race

With the final weekend of the Calgary Glenmore race upon us, everyobody involved will be making their final push to the finish line.  I will be out with Diane today knocking on doors and will continue on over the weekend with whatever needs to be done.

 This will be a close race due to the number of candidates. My prediction.... that the Liberals will not win.

 The future of the WAP rests on the results of this election.  When they lose on Monday, any and all momentem they had going for them will be wiped out.  They will be regulated to the same status as the other fringe party's and will no longer be the media darlings.  When they lose on Monday, the leadership race will not seem so interesting to the remaining WAP members ( or the candidates!).  When they lose Monday, we will not have as much to chat about on the blogs. ( Now...WAP Bloggers..comment here on the reverse situation...)

And most importantly ( the Friday Fun part...):

 When they lose Monday...Taber will get its mascot back.

Good luck to has been a blast!


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  1. Once again you bring a smile to my face.

    You were at last night's forum were you not?

    I think I spotted you, but am not sure.

  2. Hmm, I am still waiting for a DCU supporter to try and spin Diane's statement at last night's forum that she would put the party/herself ahead of the constituents. :-)

    I see Braid and others are commenting on her excellent display of honesty and my youtube video of it certainly is getting good traffic. I expect the weekend editorials should be fun on this one. There has to be some sort of counterspin or excuse for this one isn't there?

  3. Hi, that was some other handsome guy. I was at the Premier's Charity Golf tournament and it didnt finish until after 7pm. I wanted to go though. ( Plus..If I were there, I would have introduced myself to you guys finally.)

    Good Luck this weekend...

  4. Ahh well you missed a good show last night. Probably not very pleasant though for DCU supporters as Don Braid has pointed out.

    I imagine a few went out for drinks to take the edge off. LOL

  5. Nice Cory...Lol. ( I like the reference from my last post..we have the same sense of humour!)

    Cory, I can't speak for her or the party, but in my opinion... there is a reason that the people elect you as a a PC/Lib/WAP/SC etc. If you disagree and want to sit as an independent, then RUN as an independent. This is a crucial flaw in Canada's party system. I wish I had the answers, but this issue is not a PC one alone.

    Cory.. good video, but I am curious as to why nobody from your group is pumping Taberman up? Why not paste the videos of him speaking to show what a wonderful/charismatic MLA he will be for Calgary Glenmore? The WAO strategy of "attack/attack" without selling your candidate is odd to me? What do I know? Monday will tell I guess...

  6. Key debate moment #epicfail:

  7. I posted the highlight to begin with. :-) The main point being that Diane has made it clear that she will not be able to represent the constituency and she said so herself. Paul and Avalon have been making a case for themselves for nearly a month now on a variety of issues. Agree with them or not on their individual stands on issues, at least they will be able to take such stands on behalf of the constituents.

    I did complement DCU on her honesty though. ;-)

    If I get time I will be posting more of Paul's responses to questions. It takes some time to go through the video and pull out the important portions.

    As you well know, all of us partisan wonks are pretty busy in these final days.

  8. Shane,

    It does not matter if Diane get's elected or not the minute she has an independent thought she will get the boot.

    I know of a guy in Calgary who followed all the rules and won his nomination. Even the nominating committee who was appointed by the party head office wrote that it was done by the books. However, that did not matter.

    I hope Paul wins, but, if he does not it means nothing. This is a new party and in 1987 Reform did not win a seat and in 1993 they were the offical opposition.

    I am a patient man. Victory for Albertans will be coming, especially if Mark Dyrholm wins the leadership.

  9. Is Ed Stelmach from Taber? Must be a younger picture of him LOL. Like the Friday laughs, good luck with your candidate in the by election it has been a blast with the witty posts.

  10. Thanks for all the posts... Cory, I know what you mean about busy! Alt...I am glad that you and Jane et/al get the sarcastic nature of these. Craig.. I am not justifying Diane's comments, I am just observing the flaws in our system. It is not for me to say what is right/wrong in her case. If/when I am ever a candidate, I am sure I would have a different issue...

    As always, I have a healthy respect for all of you and your party. I appreciate your passions and this type of fire is what Alberta needs....regardless of your party.


  11. Shane your Taber joke was really corny

  12. Corny... "Corny"..HA! I love it..