Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Message Sent!

  ( It's not bad with butter and salt....)
  Well folks, the people of Calgary Glenmore have spoken...and the people are never wrong.  However, this blogger was way off the mark on his prediction, although I was a bit biased!  I had the opportunity to work with Diane CU and her team on her campaign and I must congratulate her for a job well done.  Diane's campaign was well organized, well funded and her team was amazing.  That said, it goes to show you that a full bank account, dozens of organized volunteers and exceptional name recognition do not guarantee success on election night. 
  I must say, I am impressed that Paul Hinman won this race.   Congratulations on your victory ( and now that he is an MLA, I will no longer use the "corny" references!)  and your team should be proud.  The slogan "Send Ed a Message" hit a nerve with many voters and it was better than having 500 volunteers on the ground. It was just that powerful. 
  What now? 
 This victory has the potential to change Alberta's political landscape.  The common thoughts from the MSM that if " Diane can lose...any PC MLA candidate can lose in Calgary" may now have some real meaning?  Perhaps some of the local MLA's, especially those with lower profiles, maybe be pondering this today?  Its one thing to lose a by-election on a protest vote, but to finish in third place is quite another. 
 Will this result in a leadership review at the PC Convention later this fall?  Will this be a wake up call to the PC party, confirming that no riding can be taken for granted?  Time will tell. 
 The WAP will ride this publicity into their Leadership Race, which will do nothing but legitimize them further.  A loss here would have wiped them out.  The only thing left that will kill their momentum would be a Mark Dyrholm or Jeff Willerton victory. It will be interesting to watch.

What a ride....


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  1. Whilst you eat crow, this morning I dine on tylenol.

    Have to say though, tis a happy hangover. :-)

  2. Shane,

    Ofcourse you would say a Mark Dyrholm victory would kill the momentum. Why would you want to fight another real conservative at the polls?

    Makes sense.

    Your doubt, it fuels me.

  3. Craig...my comments are not a reflection of Mark directly. My thought is that in my opinion, perhaps he lacks a bit of charisma. But once again, it would appear that if I do not support Mark, I must be a closet liberal.

    Makes Sense...

    BTW... the rumour is that your team is outselling memberships 3-1 on your opponents. If true, nice work.


  4. Shane,

    You are no liberal and from mutual friends I hear nothing but good about you.

    The people you support are good people. Even Diane is a great individual, but, she is just with the wrong party.

    The Alliance would be priviledged to have someone like you involved with us.

    As for membership sales? I guess we will find out on October 17.

    We are working hard, but we can't take anything for granted.

  5. Thanks Craig. I appreciate that...perhaps I misread your statement. My bad. I would like to be at the Calgary Debates to see the crew in action, but have 2 community meetings that night. Good luck the rest of the way.

  6. Shane,
    Good on you for eating crow, although I am sure you were preferring corn LOL. Doesn't appear Ed got the message, kind of dissed Paul and the voters of Calgary-Glenmore with his press release. If he doesn't change more discontent will come. Will DM in the next week or two for coffee.

  7. I'd have to disagree with you, Shane. I'd think that considering the polls (debatable as they may be) have always shown Albertans to be in the 70% range for Conservative social values. Mark is a full out Conservative fiscally and socially. We'll see where this goes.....