Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fun: iPhone Parody

This is a pretty funny video! When I see the ridiculous commercials for this toy on TV, I often find myself wondering who thinks all of these special "apps" this parody is right on the money. Millions of people have downloaded these applications and while the business concept is brilliant, its just not my thing.

I am so out of the loop with these new phones and personally, I think that they are the biggest cash grab since bottled water. When I went to Bell to get my phone ( 2+years ago) the sales rep was showing me all the different phones, with all their hip/cool things... I finally had to ask her.... "DOES IT MAKE PHONE CALLS???" I still have the basic internets, no Social media..and it works just fine. One day, I will have no choice but to get one of these 3G phones...but not yet.

iPhone.... "Lazy Blogging?" I wonder if there is an app for that!

Have a fun long weekend!


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