Monday, September 14, 2009

Hey you want to follow me into the bathroom too?


 WAP Candidate Paul Hinman seen here on footage ( Courtesy of youtube/FFWD Magazine) taken today outside a polling station in Calgary Glenmore.  (It looks like Nellie McClung elementary to me...)   He is stopping the voters before they come into the polling station and comments robot (er...Hinman) like.. " Hi...Paul Hinman, Wildrose Alliance....thanks for taking the time to come out and vote today." 

Desperate Much?   

 Even in University, the Professors leave the classroom when you fill out their evaluations.  Come on Paul...this is just embarrassing! 

I have to go rinse the remaining puke left over in the back of my throat.


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  1. You may not like it, but Kent Hehr is wrong: there's nothing illegal about it.

    135(1) Subject to subsection (2), no person may
    (a) display inside or on the outside of, or
    (b) distribute within,
    a building used for a polling place at an advance poll or on polling day any election circular, card, poster, bill or other paper except those posted by the deputy returning officer or other election officials as required by this Act.
    (2) When a polling place is located in a building containing a complex of interlocking offices, stores or other facilities, the prohibition in subsection (1) applies only to the office, store or facility comprising the area designated as a polling place.
    (3) Where a person displays any circular, card, poster, bill or other paper contrary to subsection (1) or (2), the returning officer may cause it to be removed, and neither the returning officer nor any person acting under the returning officer’s instructions is liable for trespass or damages resulting from or occasioned by the removal.

  2. Hi Anon 4:44...thanks for your notes. I never said it was illegal...I just think its "Corny"...just like Paul Taber-man.

  3. Shane,
    Your opinion is your own but this is legal, simply retaliation for calling Elections Alberta this morning when Avalon Roberts had flyers in a mobile poll. Funny no one has attacked on this. I will talk to scrutineers and see what happened with Diane, I believe there were signs at one station, which is also illegal, but let me confirm.

  4. Can't be worse than MLA Kent Hehr deliberately mis-quoting the law.

  5. Now this is interesting; Section 160 of the Elections Act:

    160 A person who, before or during an election and for the purpose of affecting the voting for a candidate at that election, makes or publishes any false statement in relation to the character or conduct of that candidate or of the withdrawal of that candidate, is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not more than $2000.

    Since Section 135 most explicitly does not prevent the candidate from standing outside a poling place and greeting voters, isn't Kent Hehr making a false statement about the law?

  6. ...not to mention similar charges against unabashedly anti-Wildrose FFWD for publishing the statement on their YouTube account?

  7. Uhhh, what exactly was Kent doing there anyway?

    It isn't his constituency. Last minute campaigning perchance?

    It gave Hehr an excellent opportunity to display hypocrisy and an ignorance of electoral law.

    Good work.

  8. D'oh! Red Ed lost the PC's a 40-year seat. Good!

  9. Craig,

    You didn't win this round. You don't represent the Wildrose Alliance. You represent a leadership candidate who will lose. You should go back into your basement and rethink your life.

  10. Kent talks about rules, yet he did break the signage rules (Section 134) on his campaign last time. The problem is that our old Cheif Electoral Officer, Lorne Gibson, didn't understand the elections act in a sufficient manner to enforce it.

    I also lived across from Kent's office. Both Kent and his volunteers were continually violating the parking bylaws. The volunteers were continually plugging up the loading zone in front of our condo, and Kent would park his van in such a manner as to occupy the crosswalk.