Friday, September 18, 2009

Wildrose Alliance Membership Sales.... PART 1

With the upcoming Wildrose Alliance Leadership vote, I see that WAP supporters have less than three weeks remaining to purchase memberships.  In an effort to bolster their membership sales, perhaps the WAP executive will consider using this video in its mass emails?  It may help in boosting those last minute sales!

 Rumor is that one group is outselling the other significantly...but that is for another post.  I wonder if that campaign was using this video all along?  If you look quickly and listen carefully, you could be fooled into believing that the characters are some of the actual players in this race!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. OMG....I have tears in my eyes from LOL.

  2. Very funny, Shane!

    If the PC'ers, Libs and NDP were smart, they would be buying WAP memberships and voting for the person who is NOT the frontrunner in the race.

  3. It's not entirely clear who is the frontrunner. The Dyrholm campaign has more Facebook friends than Elect Danielle, and it is likely that the Dyrholm campaign is using federal Conservative membership lists to call people and sell them a membership, which they buy and then mail in their vote, based on the fact they know Dyrholm and without taking a look at Danielle.

    I'm not inclined to underestimate Chandler's organizing and GOTV powers.

    The one thing that may have given Danielle a boost this week is the Glenmore win may be prompted Calgarians to buy party memberships on their own initiative without being contacted by either campaign. Those people will likely inform themselves and then go heavily for Danielle.

    It depends on what Shane's source is for rumours of membership sales. If it is someone connected to seniors advocacy, an evangelical group, or provincial or federal party insiders, as a Danielle supporter I'd be concerned, because that means Dyrholm has real reach that many long time Wildrosers can't very well assess the strength of.