Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wildrose Alliance Leadership Race...Who is the best (looking) candidate?

Now I know that some of my WAP friends will have a fit over this one, so lets keep in mind that this is for fun!

Remember these sayings?... "Don't judge a book by its cover....", or "Its whats on the inside that counts"? Well according to a recent Princeton University study, none of this matters when we are deciding on who to vote for! This study claims that people make their decisions on who to they will vote for based on their looks! It also determined that "most people judge a political candidates competency within seconds of seeing their face. Period. Issues did not matter. Stance did not matter". Interesting... If you think about it, the study is probably not that far off base.

So using this theory, I thought it would be fun to see who will win the upcoming WAP leadership race based on this? Based on science ( lol), I think that Danielle Smith runs away with this race easily! ( Between Dyrholm and Willerton...Jeff gets my vote for second place!) I guess it is not fair to base someones competency on their looks, but unfortunately, this is likely how our society works. I just want to see if there is any discussion on this?

What do you think?

Danielle Smith

Mark Dyrholm

Jeff Willerton ( On the left...)

Lets see if the science will hold up on election day...

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  1. I very much enjoyed the last picture.

  2. Really?

    I guess on that logic Governor Palin should be President.

    Unless you are gay you will say that Danielle is better looking. That brings up a whole new fun posting :)

    Danielle has my vote. Having said that I do not like how she presents herself. Her picture is airbrushed to a point she looks like her, but not. Her arms are folded, she is alone and wearing a red dress? She looks un-approachable in her web picture and materials.

  3. I think I am one of your WAP and only fit I am having is one of laughter.

    Unfortunatly, I must refrain from commenting further.

  4. Thanks for your comments! Unfortunately, I could not find a better pic of Mr.Willerton as I was in a rush. That said, I did give him my vote as the runner up, based on this theory. Anon- I would not have a problem picking a winner if all three candidates were men. I can appreciate a good looking man. ( Lol)

    Jane, I knew you would get the intent of this post!


  5. If your theory holds true and Danielle wins the WAP leadership race, if she were to run against Ed let's say (for fun), who would have the better outcome there? You certainly would not find him the better looking would you? You should know your WAP friends have a good sense of humour as well, after all we communicate with you. LOL

  6. Alt...if this theory holds true then Diane would likely get the edge. I am not a scientist, but believe this would likely be the outcome. :)

    I am glad you get the joke. I am still waiting for the backlash...

  7. There will be no backlash. People can take a joke I hope.

    We even laughed at Mark's picture. Where did you get that?

    Poor Willerton. He looks scared.

    Don't tell Mark, but... I think Danielle is pretty too.

    All in good fun.

  8. Craig, awesome response...! I laughed so hard reading it...sweet! I found it on google...I need to find some better ones.

  9. If you genuinely support Danielle Smith for WRA leader, you gotta give up the frat boy blogging, and help motivate people to buy. She is behind in membership sales, reportedly as a result of the Chandler Dyrholm campagin purchasing memberships en masse at seniors homes and such. If you like more than her looks, MOBILIZE and buy memberships before its too late. 23 days left til the vote.

  10. Anon 5:30... If you would take the time to read the other "frat boy" blog posts, you would be able to tell that I do not support Danielle or any other candidate. I am a staunch PC supporter. While I have a healthy respect for some of the party members, you must lighten up and realize that this post is indeed for fun. I will not be buying any memberships but appreciate your passion.

  11. LOL...JFK's win over Nixon in the television debate / Nixon's win over JFK in the radio debate. Not sure how decisive they are, but looks definitely play a factor in this day and age.