Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jeff Willerton Drops out of WAP Leadership...( Plus..New Fundraising Slogan!)

  Jeff Willerton drops out of WAP Leadership Race.  No One Cares.  Except Mark...I am sure he appreciates the endorsement from such a strong candidate.

 I find it fitting that the Calgary Herald only gave one little sentence in the middle of their article today.  Why should anyone give him any more attention and continue to feed his political vanity. 

 I sent an email to Mr. Willerton a few weeks ago asking how he raised the money for the entrance fee, as I could see the writing was on the wall with his campaign.  Surprisingly, he responded rather quickly, confirming that he got most of the cash from selling his book.  Perhaps some cash came also from his gospel CD "One Man At A Time". ( No, this is not a reference to the "Parade incident" a few years ago.) 

  Now that he quit, I guess the Willerton For Premier schtick and comparisons to Churchill were not such a great idea.  I cannot see anyone donating cash to his next book tour( ooops...I mean Political Campaign) so perhaps I will be the first to donate a new fundraising slogan to you....

 Jeff Willerton... One Can at a Time!

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  1. "Why should anyone give him any more attention and continue to feed his political vanity."

    I don't know Shane, why did you? Methinks you must love Jeff a whole lot to devote this post to the only unabashed social conservative in this race.

  2. Consider it my goodbye gift to Jeff. And I have no love for the man, thank you very much! :)

  3. I know that he will be VERY VERY relieved to hear that, Shane ;-)

  4. Tried all day not to comment on this one, but it is too funny. I bet Jeff and Merle appreciate the publicity as this is a wonderful picture. LOL
    Love the new slogan, you may have a career in PR waiting.

  5. Thanks Alt...some mornings I am grumpy, some mornings I am cheeky! If only I can find a useful source for my sarcasm!

  6. Willerton had some good qualities, but many not so good ones, too. He has now tranfered his political stink to Mark Dyrholm, who is already suffering from wearing Craig Chandler's reputation. Dyrholm's judgement is woefully inadequate and sorely lacking, to be quite frank. He stumbled and bumbled his way through his speech and responses at the Calgary leadership debates, then attacked Danielle Smith for some obscure criticisms she allegedly made of chiropractic a DECADE ago! Dyrholm is in way over his head. The sooner Danielle Smith supporters BUY memberships and VOTE, the sooner we can see the backside of Craig Chandler heading out the door....

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