Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama Why?

Obama, Why...? 

I rarely comment on USA political issues for a number of reasons...but mainly because it is not my place as a Canadian Citizen.  I prefer to focus my attention to local issues or things that I feel we can actually do something about and it drives me crazy when people forward me petitions relating to American issues.  I wish people here were as passionate about Canadian causes as they are about the current "drug" laws in the USA....or whatever the 'flavor' of the month is?

 I also love it when celebrities throw their names and images behind current causes.  Bono sells records and saves trees, Pam Anderson saves fur and keeps the paint counter employed.   Wilf Brimley sells oatmeal and diabetic supplies.  The list goes on and on.  Remember when celebrities were just entertainers?  Not me and not in my generation.  ( A classic line ( paraphrased from memory) from the early 1970's... Reporter- "Can you tell us your views on Vietnam war protesters"?... Elvis: " I'd prefer not to Ma'am, I am just an entertainer.  I'd rather not say."   Different times, different issues.

 That said, those who know me know that I like funny.  And I know funny when I see it.  And this my friends, is just that.  Funny.


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  1. I agree! this is really funny "Mini Zoo" i'm still laughing.

  2. 80% of Americans support it? HAHAHAHAHAHA Blatant lie! Try around 58% against it.