Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alberta Political Parties love using blogs for information!

As per my previous post, I was pleased to see that the Windsor Star quoted from my rant about George Dadamo. This was an interesting example of how the MSM uses the blogosphere for information and research.

I was also surprised when I received a email pointing me to a link on the net, highlighting an Alberta Liberal Party document from May 20/2009. This pdf document highlights the days news stories and key events etc. (Its called "Clippings"...but at 108 pages, its quite comprehensive.) I tried to do a search on the Alberta Liberal Party website to see if they list all of their archives for this type of document, but I cannot seem to find the pathway? (Maybe I am just not that computer literate?)

Anyways, I noted that throughout the 108 Page summary, the Liberal Party has included many different blog postings from local blogger's. The blogger's listed include Ken Chapman, WRAP Blogger Travis Chase and myself. I would assume that this likely occurs on a daily basis and that the communications team trolls the local blogs for daily inputs into the quickscan document.

While a quick look at the sitemeter stats often show references to the different Alberta Political Parties visiting my site, I now know for sure that they actually read and share the information that we post on our blogs! ( I had always assumed this anyways...)

As an aside, I have also noticed that all party's and many MLA's have Twitter and Facebook accounts, which I think they use to get a general sense of whats really going on in Alberta. ( Or, to push their message I find it interesting that there is such a shift in the flow of information between the elected officials and the people. ( Look at the "live tweeting" during the Bill 44 Marathon) This was unimaginable 5 years ago!

Now, if only they would all follow through with some of our ideas and comments!

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