Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Way to kick off your campaign George Dadamo!

Oh cannot make this stuff up! In a previous post this week, I talked about a fellow named George Damado, who has confirmed yesterday that he plans to run for Calgary Mayor in 2010.

In a strange twist, Dadamo was forced to fire a key campaign organizer just hours before the official news conference to announce his candidacy for mayor! It would appear that his campaign organizer, Joshua Bredo has quite the controversial background. George Dadamo confirmed that he never did a background check on this chap. I find this odd as George's early campaign marketing strategy has been to flood the Internet with marketing ideas and capitalize on social media. This tells me that George or his team is actually computer literate, so why not run say....a quick Google search?

Well a quick Google search under Joshua Bredo comes up with an easy result as noted on the link.

What is the lesson we can learn here from George? Perhaps it is that you cannot just throw your hat into the political ring on a "whim". His rush to get organized and to make a name for himself has backfired. While we all make mistakes, this lack of judgement and planning has destroyed a lot of his credibility and diminished any goodwill media that he would have encountered following his official announcement.

Looks like he got "Dadamo-ed".


  1. Oh man, something tells me Bronco isn't too worried about this guy.

  2. Does this really show that George has a lack of judgement and planning, or does it show that when he encounters adversity, he can step up to the plate, admit mistakes, and make difficult, swift decisions to rectify the situation?

    In his speech yesterday, he said that honesty and open conversation was needed in this city, and he is standing by his word.

  3. I cannot believe how weird this stuff is.

    I have to say, I feel sorry for George Dadamo. Sounds like he was taken in by a confidence man. How much do you suppose he overpromised him? Dadamo was saying he had raised over $50k. How much do you suppose was actually raised?

  4. Hey Urban... I doubt he has raised $20.10 total.

    TPB...I agree.

    Anon...I think it shows that he has poor judgement. Anyone that rushes into this position shows bad character in my opinion.

  5. Anonymous 11:50, can you just admit you're a supporter? If you bring adversity on yourself because you failed to do basic due diligence on the people you associate with and/or hire, yes, that is a lack of judgement. That's obvious. And as for stepping up to the plate, admitting mistakes and making swift decisions to rectify the situation, one might get credit for that kind of thing if there was really any choice involved, if it was a complex problem. This was a case of having an alleged con-man on your team whose real name you don't even know. So, no, no credit for making a tough decision. Get real. Who gave you those bullshit talking points?

  6. Anon 5:59pm.. Lol! It is clearly a supporter. i would not be surprised if it was a staffer or Mr. Dadamo himself. If you look at the organized "plant" comments on Daveberta's blog when he was planning on running for the Lib's in Calgary Glenmore, you can tell that this appears to be the M.O. of this campaign. Yikes!

  7. Shane,
    I'm not entirely clear what this Bredo/Mitchell/Baba guy did for the campaign. Is he the campaign manager, fundraiser, communications guru, chief bootlicker, or what? Bredo's been involved with federal conservatives, Alberta Alliance/WRA, a wanna-be provincial Liberal who used to be NDP and who is now a wanna-be municipal politician who sounds like a conservative. Oh ya, and Dry Cleaners in Prince George.
    Who else is on the Dadamo guy's campaign team. Equally shady characters? Somebody else who failed to do the obvious checking? Inquiring minds want to know. And I'm also curious about his sudden decision to abandon his run at the Liberal nomination. Any speculation on what's behind that? It's not likely he was scared off by his competition, so was he told by the party to take a hike? Probably never know.

  8. Anon 7:51: Its not clear to me his exact title w/ Dadamo's campaign. As for the liberal nomination issue, I am not sure. I would check into, as he will likely have the answer. I am curious also. My theory? His ego ( and handlers) told him he has a better chance at running for Mayor, lol.

  9. I was almost recruited by Bredo to work on the campaign, whew I dodged a bullet

    1. You didn't just dodge a bullet figuratively. Google his name now. See what he's been up to. Be very careful ..... he is back in the Calgary area.

      PS...too bad you can't look into previous juvenile records..... Ask people in Prince George what kind of a guy this is

  10. As much as it was an oversight on Mr. Dadamo's part, I do feel sorry for him. I understand that he needs to be better if he wants to be mayor and that he's gotta be tough, but he's still a human being. One thing I learned from the campaign trail is to treat others how you would want to be treated. A simple gesture of 'thanks' or 'you did awesome' goes a long way.

    On another note, I never had any campaign assistants.

  11. Anyone know of Joshua Bredo/Baba/Mitchells's whereabouts ??