Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Calgary Glenmore Liberals stick with Avalon (Also-Ran) Roberts...

The Calgary Glenmore Liberals have once again decided to go with constant loser Dr. Avalon Roberts as their candidate in the pending By-Election. Losing this race was Cory Hogan, a young liberal activist. I see that Cory's website already re-directs to info on Calgary Glenmore. It looks live even Avalon is surprised by the win, as she does not have her website set up. Oh those 60-something liberal candidates....its hard to stay up with all this interweb stuff!

For a "live" blog update on the nomination meeting, check out this link by Matthew Naylor.

Now, although I do not support the liberal party, I commend Cory Hogan for stepping up to the plate and putting his name forward. I grew up in Calgary Glenmore and I am just a few years older than Mr. Hogan, so I am pleased to see people my age engaged in the political process. This is probably a good thing for Cory's young political career, as this riding is not ready for a liberal switch.

I am not sure why the Liberals want to go back to a constant "also-ran" in Dr. Avalon Roberts? She has lost this riding once in a Federal Election and Twice to the PC's in the 2004 and 2008 elections. Seriously, why go back with the same old tired candidate? Perhaps the party has bigger plans for Cory and wanted to avoid his destruction at the polls this time?

Now, we just need to get the WRAP nomination complete. I love the new Radio Ad's targeting Calgary Glenmore...the tag line of "Send Ed a Message" is pretty powerful stuff.

Anyways, it will be an interesting summer.


  1. You're probably right about this sparing Corey Hogan an early electoral defeat, and in that sense being lucky for him. But the idea that the Alberta Liberal Party nominated three time loser Avalon Roberts again is beyond the pale.

    That party continues its march to total irrelevance.

  2. Why DID Avalon Roberts run again?

    She jumped in at the last minute. Because of her name recognition she was probably the only person who could have run who Corey Hogan would be the underdog against.

    Avalon even destroyed all her signs from the last election - she clearly didn't think she was running again.

    Do you think Hogan (aka Dave Taylors Leadership Campaign Manager) was blocked by Swann?

  3. I'm pretty sure Paul Hinman was acclaimed as the WRAP candidate over the weekend

  4. Josh, you are correct. I just did not update the post. ( I heard that he was acclaimed, but forgot to check and make sure.)


  5. No Liberal jumps in at the last moment. They had over 100 years to wreck canada as a country and now are doing it province by province. HST anhyone?