Sunday, June 7, 2009

George Dadamo...One Ambitious Fellow.

Although I am new to Twitter, I was surprised to see that George Damado started following me there. Like most Calgarians, I had never heard of the man until a post by daveberta few weeks ago. With the surprise twitter notification, I thought I better find out a bit more about this fellow. Well, I can confirm that I am pleasantly surprised by Mr. Dadamo's ambition.

A quick look on his fancy website clearly shows that the gentleman has a ambitious plan for 2010! Also, his Facebook page (65 Followers, mostly from the Alberta Liberal crowd.) shows another link to a George Dadamo for Mayor site, where he is the administrator of this page.

Well, I am pretty well read and I try to keep up with local politics, but I don't have the slightest clue who this man is? His political background bio page highlights his time with the Bob Rae Ontario NDP government in the early 1990's, which I am sure impresses most Albertans. His website claims he is a community organizer ( akin to President Obama?) and activist. Hmmm...still never heard of him.

I watched the above video, from his DadamoTv youtube page, which is quite amusing. The page is a Obama style populist ad, with catchphrases such as "a new kind of politics", "from a grassroots leader" with a catchy baptist soul song repeating "We Need a Change". The funny part about it is the visual content. It appears that all of the photographs are taken in late May 2009 at the Speak Out 11 event and the Lilac Festival. If this man is such a Community Leader/Organizer and a "grassroots leader" then were are all the photographs highlighting his expansive community service in Calgary? ( The best you can show is two events from the end of May?) Its so cheesy, that I think I tasted something funny in the back of my throat. ( Trying to keep it PG here folks.)

On Tuesday June 9, George Dadamo will announce that he is running for Mayor in 2010. Seeing that he failed to get elected as an Alderman in 1997 in his hometown of Windsor, what makes him think he can just pop into the Calgary Mayor's seat?

If all it takes is a cool website, a tiny Facebook following and a cheesy web-ad to run for mayor, then I should reconsider my career options.

Again, Mr. Dadamo is very ambitious, which should make the mayors race very interesting. I just wonder if Bronco is pissed that another Liberal is gunning after his seat?


  1. It seems like Dadamo’s team is very well organized and well funded. They have been mobilizing a significant amount of resources around the City – he is sure to be a top contender in 2010.

    It is going to be a very interesting 16 months!!

  2. Good post. I've been wondering who this guy is, what he actually does because his cheesy, cliche-ridden bio doesn't say anything beyond "community organizer" and local businessman. He seems to have connected himself with another one of these half-witted communications people who selectively pick up on what they think the Obama campaign did. Do we know who's backing him or who he's hired to produce this cheesy stuff?

  3. The linked article says "As for his lack of exposure in Calgary, he says: "If a hospital wants to find a CEO, do they find it in their backyard? Most times, they don't, they scour the whole country."

    So, this former politician and sometimes car salesman thinks he's the equivalent of a head-hunted CEO? Wow! Tip to Team Dadamo: best not to highlight your arrogance in your talking points for George.

  4. All this video tells me is that the guy likes to have his photo taken with attractive young women.

  5. I am very glad you wrote this post. I think it's extremely important to point out that the candidate who wins is usually the one who is already on council. One major exception, and I'm going to say it's an exception because it's rare on the local scene, is Ralph Klein.

    I understand the efforts put out by candidates, but it's going to be a showdown between Bronconnier and McIver with bets on Bronconnier. Incumbency rate is extremely high even if you're hit with a recession and an angry, vocal minority. Chances are the people who are angry will not be voting.

  6. It always amazes me when a total unknown, who has no idea what the real issues are, decides he/she is bored, and decides to run for Mayor, how dillusional that person is. Calgarians are looking for a leader who is in touch with current issues, can unite Council, cares about the environment, has the skillset to make tough decisions, and the vision to create a world class city.

    I would need a lot more information about Mr. Dadamo before I could even entertain the thought of voting for him. I am confident of one thing, I will NOT be marking an X on the name of any current Council member who decides to run for Mayor.

  7. Hello; Goerge Dadoma used to be employed as radio dj on CKWW AM in Windsor Ontario some years ago went into politics following his radio show. The show was not talk but a midnight music show. Sorry can't remember his stage name.

  8. stage name : George Micheals