Thursday, June 4, 2009

Britian's Parliment is a mess! Luckily, a friend of Calgaryrants is running in the next election.

Oh, to be a blogger in the UK right now! I must admit that I am a "casual" follower of British Politics, but I now have a personal interest in them!

While Canadian Liberal MP's posture for public opinion, their counterparts in England are fighting for their political survival. The Labour Party's 12 year grip on power is in doubt due to a series of scandals and resignations. Even today, it looks like PM Gordon Brown is in big trouble, as his own party appears to be turning on him. The British Government quickly disputed a rumour today that he will in fact resign, which affected the value of the British Pound this morning!

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks. I hope that the Canadian MP's can learn a lesson or two from this fiasco. I am sure the British people would prefer that the government actually spend their time trying to fix the social and economic problems facing their country. ( Sound familiar?)

On another note, a business associate of mine is actually going to be running in the next British election. Check out her blog here....

Karen Allen is the Conservative Party candidate in the riding of South Shields. This riding is currently held by David Miliband (Labour), Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. While it is always a challenge to run against a cabinet minister, I am confident that the people of South Shields will support Karen and the Conservative Party in the next election. I will be following this closely and wish Karen success.

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