Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks Premier Stelmach!

I had the chance to attend a breakfast last week hosted by Calgary NW PC Association, with Premier Ed Stelmach as the guest speaker. While I have only attended a few events like this, I was surprised that the room was booked solid and sold out. ( Calgary Chamber of Commerce)

I was also surprised when the Premier came over to say hello to me, even though there were 100+ people mingling and trying to get some face time with him. Now, I am a nobody and he did not know me, but I was impressed that he took the time to spend a few minutes listening to what I had to say. Some will say that this is typical "political schmooze" common at these events, but I must say that our Premier definitely has a different vibe about him.

In my opinion, the man is as genuine as they come. I know that he is not as flashy as Mr.Klein and I think his low key approach is often a source of attack from his opponents, but I find his honesty kind of refreshing.

Most people realize that I am a PC volunteer and supporter. Do I agree with everything the government is doing? The answer is no. Do I think that they made a lot of mistakes over the past year? Yes. Do I still believe that they are going in the right direction and are the best party to lead the province? Absolutely.

I know for a fact that many PC supporters are frustrated with this government and are starting to look at some other conservative alternatives. I hope that these people will use their energy to enhance the PC party and bring about a change within their own party. Given my brief encounter last week, I believe that Premier Stelmach would encourage this kind of discussion.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Gag. Are you 12 years old meeting some celebrity for the first time? What makes him genuine and honest? Exactly? The fact that his handlers likely identified that it would be good for him to go talk to a young calgary blogger?

  2. HA! This is exactly the response I was expecting. To be honest, (masked ANON) he did not have a clue who I am and as I stated, I am no one important...and also, I am in my early 30's so I guess I am not that young! Thanks for your post.